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Human-centered colleague Manifesto

I’m uncovering better ways of working with other humans.

Through this work I have come to value:

  • being specific over being generic;
  • focusing on positives over picking out negatives;
  • orienting towards the future over dwelling on the past;
  • being open over being closed;
  • thinking of things as on a spectrum over thinking of things as binaries;
  • being efficient over being wasteful;
  • being constructive over being destructive;
  • fostering connection over creating division;

That is, while there is value in the items at the start of each bullet, I value the items at the end of the bullet more.

Note: there are eight items in this list. This lets them fit nicely into a 3x3 bingo board, with a star in the middle! ⭐️

This is a dorky riff on the Agile Manifesto. It also contains a swirling mixing pot of things from Radical Candour, self-awareness (particularly as discussed in Tara Eurich’s book Insight), and Clean Language as discussed by Judy Rees.