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Accessibility audit process for mobile

I don’t often audit mobile apps, but when I do, I follow a process a bit like this.

It’s bit trickier to do automated checking of accessibility on native apps, especially if you’re not set up to do iOS or Android development. So, I tend to rely on manual testing. In particular, I focus on screen reader testing since that tends shows the most critical errors most clearly.

What I test

  • Check use of colour.
    • Is information conveyed using text / icons / shapes in addition to colour?
    • Do all elements have high enough contrast?
  • Test with larger text.
    • Does all text resize?
    • Is any text truncated?
  • Run an accessibility audit tool or scanner.
    • Are there no errors?
  • Test with a screen reader.
    • Do elements have appropriate semantics (buttons, links, forms)?
    • Do non-text elements (images, video, audio) have text alternatives that convey the content or function?
    • Are decorative images hidden?
  • Test with a keyboard.

iOS settings

  • Check use of colour.
    • Settings β†’ Accessibility β†’ Display & Text Size, Color Filters β†’ Greyscale
    • Settings β†’ Display & Brightness, test Light and Dark.
    • Settings β†’ General β†’ Accessibility β†’ Display Accomodations β†’ Invert Colours
  • Test with larger text.
    • Settings β†’ Accessibility β†’ Display & Text Size, Larger text
  • Test with VoiceOver.
  • Use XCode’s Accessibility Inspector.
    • XCode > Open Developer Tool > Accessibility Inspector
    • In the top left, change the target to the USB-connected iOS device
    • Use the Navigation previous and next buttons
  • Run the Accessibility Inspector Audit Tool.

Android settings

  • Check use of colour.
    • Set System β†’ Advanced, Developer options, Simulate colour space to Monochromacy. Then System β†’ Accessibility β†’ Colour correction
    • Toggle System β†’ Display β†’ Dark theme on and off.
  • Test with larger text.
    • Settings β†’ Accessibility β†’ Font size β†’ Largest
  • Test with TalkBack.
  • Run the Android Accessibility Scanner.

Things I might add to later

  • Test with a screen magnifier.
  • Test with voice control.