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Hi, I’m Steve Barnett.

I’m a front-end developer and user experience consultant. I help software teams have happier customers and make better software.

I do this by helping your team become more user-centered. That provides your business with a competitive advantage: your site is faster and reaches more people on more browsers. I design and build sites and apps in a future friendly way, with an eye towards inclusive design and accessibility. That means a site that everyone can use, regardless of their device, the network they’re on, or any disabilities they might have. I can help your team do it too.


I do front-end development and user experience work. That means I’m somewhere between the worlds of back-end development and interface design: I talk tests and code with the developers and I talk typography and colours with the designers. The UX side of things covers what should be built, and the FED side covers how it should be built.

I can be most helpful to small teams teams (of mostly back-end developers) who want to get started with, or want a little help with, front-end and user experience goodness. I particularly like working on projects that are open source, that help people, and that have a South African flavour. Practically, this means that I do some of the work, coach others on some of it, and run short, focused, workshops on FED and UX topics.

What next?

You can read more about how I can help or my background. You can drop me a line at [email protected]. I’ll probably ask you about time, scope, and cost.

If I haven’t worked with you before, I usually like us to do a small project first. This gives you a chance to see that you’re happy with my work and check that we work well together.