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Accessibility Audit prebrief

Here’s how I like to run audit prebriefs: the meeting before the audit.

  • Frame the audit appropriately. For example: the audit is about checking the accessibility status of the site.
  • Ask the team to do a walkthrough of the key user journeys. Record it so we can refer back to it later.
  • Ask them if they have any major updates scheduled.
    • If there’s a major redesign or rebuild coming soon, it will probably make sense to audit after that.
    • For now, offer support and training for for the redesign or rebuild.
  • Ask them what accessibility testing they’ve done already.
    • Manual, automated, usability, something else?
    • If they haven’t done any, discuss where they might start.
  • Ask them what their capacity to make any fixes from the audit is like.
  • If anyone seems particularly keen, offer to demonstrate some of the checks we do in an audit.

After the prebrief, I follow my Accessibility audit process. After the audit, I do the debrief: Delivering the results of an accessibility audit.