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How I do my best work

I’ve been thinking about how I do my best work. And how people, broadly speaking, do their best work.

I’ve worked at quite a few different companies, in different industries, in different countries. Some things seem to be steady indicators for people to be happy and to be doing their best work.

I’m a good fit for a job when I have a FIT: Finishing; Impact; Type.


I feel like I’m finishing work.

  • Limiting Work In Progress.
  • Smoothly flowing working with quick reviews.
  • Quick and lean processes in the team and the wider organisation.


I feel like I’m seeing the impact of my work.

  • Working closely with clients and with people doing the work.
  • Understanding how the work ties into strategic goals.
  • Seeing action coming from advice.


This is more personal: the types of work I enjoy most.

I feel like I’m playing to my strengths.

  • Supporting
  • Training
  • Writing

And coming in hot at the end of the list: Presenting; Coding.

Other preferences

Feedback from colleagues across a range of jobs has taught me that I’m good at: being empathetic; making it simple; being positive. I also tend to be high energy when I’m doing work I enjoy (and vice versa), like a BOA: Bright; Open; Active.

  • Bright
    • Concise not comprehensive
    • Enthusiastic not apathetic
    • Fast not slow
    • Optimistic not pessimistic
    • Upbeat not downbeat
  • Open
    • Collaborative not combative
    • Connecting not dividing
    • Constructive not destructive
    • Open not closed
    • Thinking on a spectrum not a binary
  • Active
    • Change-harnessing not change-avoiding or -complaining
    • Efficient not wasteful
    • Seeing change as inherent not problematic
    • Solution-focused not problem-focused
    • Thoughtful and considered not rash and impulsive