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What I got up to at Xero

Next week is my last week at Xero. I took some time to look back over the past two years and reflect on what I did.

It was something a bit like this…

  • Helped Product, Design, Development, Testing, and Mobile teams meet and exceed WCAG 2.1 to Level AA. Guided ongoing and iterative accessibility improvement. Helped teams embed accessibility into their processes to make long-term, behavioural, change.
    • Worked on a multidisciplinary team. Initiated, planned, and implemented projects that aligned with strategic goals. Gathered feedback for iterative improvements.
  • Tested with a range of Assistive Technologies. Screen readers: VoiceOver, NVDA,TalkBack. Voice Control and Voice Access. Zoom on Mac OS, Windows Contrast themes.
    • Conducted usability testing with people with disabilities. Planned and facilitated interviews, compatibility tests, and prototype reviews. Iterated on and retested updated designs.
    • Resolved customer queries. Responded positively to customer problems; directly communicated about their requirements; provided workarounds where necessary.
  • Provided technical HTML, CSS, and JS support as a Front-end Developer. Supported on Slack and in Pull Requests. Advised on WCAG 2.1 AA compliance and WAI-ARIA.
  • Lead and standardised the audit practice. Conducted accessibility audits and design reviews. Used technical FED skills to suggest fixes, using the design system. Presented the results. Used aggregated data to inform training and content strategy.
  • Planned and created content. Used a mix of lengths and formats: written documentation with images; videos; talks; workshops. Repurposed content across delivery methods. Ensured quality by using a framework and requesting peer reviews.
  • Ran training and facilitated events. Made and ran hands-on, interactive, workshops. Facilitated Q&A sessions and Community of Practice events.
    • Encouraged professional development through learning and growth. Supported varied levels of interest and expertise. Used a mix of practical and theory.

If this sounds a bit like bullet points from a CV… It is!