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Quick note to self on testing

Testing is important. It gives us confidence in our app. That it does what we, and our users, expect it to. And that changes we make won’t break things.

  • Do some Manual testing. Check the quality of the human experience of the app beyond just functionality.
  • Have few End to End tests (also known as functional tests). Use a robot pretending to be a human to check that user flows work correctly. BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) can be helpful here.
  • Have some Integration tests. Check that several units interact with each other correctly.
  • Have many Unit tests. Check that individual parts work in isolation. Focus on the behaviour, not the implementation.
  • Have Static Analysis: Catch errors and typos while writing the code.

Tests higher up the list:

  • take more time to write and maintain;
  • have more points of failure;
  • usually take longer to run;
  • more closely resemble how a human uses the app.