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Brief recap of 2021

Phew! A lot happened. I had several big life changes, and some big work changes.

Looking back

  • I wrote 16 articles in 2021. Most of them were about accessibility, but a few were notes on talks or thoughts on agile things.
  • I gave 3 public talks in 2021 (at A11y Bytes, WOSSAT, and A11y Camp), 1 talk at a company, and several short little talks at Xero (including five minutes at the Global All Hands meeting, which was great but/and terrifying!).
  • Around the end of August I left my job at Totara and started at Xero as a Technical Digital Accessibility Analyst on the Accessibility team. It’s my first time working on a team solely focused on accessibility, and it’s amazing. I feel very happy with my choice to focus more deeply on what was already my speciality.

Looking forward

In the next few weeks I’ll be thinking ahead a bit to figure out what I want to do in 2022. Setting some goals and milestones and things. I’ve got some broad ideas already burbling about in my brain.

Some values I want to focus on are being: supportive, inquisitive, and positive. I’ve had some explicit positive feedback from colleagues in the past that I do okay with the inquisitive and positive bits. I want to keep that up, and improve. I think I can do better with the supportive bit, especially celebrating successes.

I’m a believer in “forget the noun, do the verb” (which I picked up from the excellent Keep Going by Austin Kleon). Some verbs I want to focus on this year: speaking, writing, teaching / training.