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Markers of accessibility program maturity

I’ve just read through Level Access’s 2021 State of Digital Accessibility, which is full of interesting stuff. The bit that grabbed me the most was the “markers of a11y program maturity” section, since it’s given me ideas for things to do. Here are three of the markers and what they’ve made me think about.

Monitoring and testing tools

At Totara, we’ve improved quite a lot on the testing side of things. Our Accessibility for testers page details some of the things we do. Somewhere we could improve is the monitoring side of things: setting up regular, preferably automated, a11y checks.

Engagement with disability community

Something we haven’t done yet, but that’s been on our radar for a while, is testing with users with disabilities. I’m going to see about bumping this up our TODO list.

Training programs and policies (Annual training required, like any other compliance topic)

We already put accessibility at the same level of importance of other big things like security. I like this additional angle of annual training, backed by the weight of it being a compliance thing.