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Don Norman broke my brain (in a good way)

As part of UX South Africa 2020, I contributed to a short thank you video for Don Norman, who was speaking at the conference.

Here’s the final compilation video:

And here’s my 45 second video:

The video has embedded captions. Here’s the transcript:

Don Norman broke my brain. In a good way.

I started my career as a front-end developer and I was working at a human-centred design agency.

While I was there I started learning more and more about UX and that broke my brain for interfaces. I couldn’t help but see lots of things I wanted to try and help fix.

At some point, a friend recommended I read “The Design of Everyday Things.” That broke my brain for the world. I couldn’t help but look around and see lots of things I wanted to try and help fix.

These days I see the world in a slightly different light. I can’t help but see things I want to try and help improve or make a little bit better.

So thank you Don Norman for breaking my brain. In a good way.