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A11y Camp 2020 takeaways

I managed to catch a few of the talks at this year’s A11y Camp. Here are three of my top takeaways from three of the talks. The first one in each list is something I’ve turned into a TODO for myself at my current job.

Alexis Lucio: From Nothing to Something: How A Team of 2 Kickstarted an Accessibility

  • Have a11y one-page guidelines (for bite-size learnings)
  • Have a monthly a11y hour (to share some knowledge)
  • Benchmark everything (so you can see improvement)

Ross Mullen: Not another checklist! – A testing methodology which explains the what and how of manual accessibility testing

  • Distill WCAG into something easier to test
  • Test should have a clear pass / fail / not applicable result
  • If your organisations a11y maturity is low, start with just a few tests to set a baseline

Stewart Hay: How to create a kick ass business case for accessibility

  • The more hooks you have for accessibility, the better (more convincing)
  • Remember that a business case is a decision-making tool (demonstrate a clear business benefit)
  • Align with business strategy, reduce costs (show that fixing earlier is quicker and cheaper)