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My facilitation bingo board

When I do talks or workshops, I like have only little bits of me talking and lots of bits of people doing stuff. I use my big “writing, workshops, and talks” list to plan the thing as a whole. I use something a bit smaller for planning the specific activities throughout: a little facilitation bingo board.

General Principles for activities

  • keep them short;
  • mix them up;
  • make them active;
  • ask questions.

The bingo board

My facilitation bingo board: how I vary activities by process, humans, format and location.
Process Think Do Review
Humans Single Pair Group
Format Read Write / Draw / Talk Make
Location Here There Over there

A first batch of activities might look like this.

  • Think, Single, Write, Here.
    • On a sticky note, write down what you want to get from this workshop.
  • Think, Pair, Talk, Over There.
    • Share your goals with someone on the other side of the room.
  • Do, Group, Make, Here.
    • As a table, construct a proto-persona for your current product or project.
  • Review, Pair, Talk, There.
    • With a partner, discuss what surprised you about the persona you made.