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WordCamp Cape Town 2017

Last year I co-ran a workshop on Front-end performance at WordCamp. This year I was lucky enough to be accepted again. Nicola du Toit and I ran a workshop on Inclusive Design (and accessibility).

Workshop attendees scribbling on wall posters as an activity

We made the workshop very interactive. There was only a little bit of us talking and a lot of attendees doing stuff. The content of the workshop borrowed a lot from the Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) workshop that I help run every year for the CTFEDs (Cape Town Front-End Developers) meetup group. It’s a bunch of activities that help us gain more empathy for people visiting our sites and apps who aren’t like us.

We also tried to emphasise the idea of disability as a continuum: it’s (just) about completely blind users, it’s also about users with poor eyesight, or users who are on an old monitor, or who are outside on a sunny day.

To make the 90 minute workshop, we took the existing GAAD activities, added some new ones, and spent a lot of time making the activity cards. We wanted attendees to be clear on:

  • what to do;
  • things to check;
  • why to do it;
  • things they could change.

Attendees testing their stuff as part of the workshop

Here are the resources (as a google doc) that we provided to workshop attendees: That has links out to the workshop activities (, our slide deck (, and the bingo board ( that we gave people to track their progress.

The workshop was great fun and we got some very positive feedback from attendees. I’m planning to use this as a base for next year’s CTFEDS GAAD workshop. I hope to be back at WordCamp again next year!