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What I've been up to: April 2016 edition

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’m helping out with, or running, a whole bunch of workshops and things. It’s tiring work, but rewarding and fun. Here are some details, in a reverse Kanban style.



Last week on Monday, Justin Slack and I ran our Future Friendly UX Design workshop for the UX South Africa crowd: it’s all about designing for the long term. We first ran it in November 2015 at the conference, and used the experience and feedback there to improve upon the workshop. We keep our notes and materials for the workshop on the CTFEDs GitHub; feel free to have a peek at them.

Then on Wednesday, I teamed up with UX Designer Jen Poole to run “Help! The UX Designer isn’t coming in today!” for the CTFEDs meetup group. We took the attendees on a whirlwind tour of a (fictional) terrible e-commerce site and guiding them through fixing it up. The materials from that session are online too.

All day Saturday I was at the University of Cape Town, helping run a RailsBridge workshop. It was well attended, and we had a great mix of people. I did a short write-up of the event on the RailsBridge Cape Town site.


And, on and off, on the side, I’ve been helping out with the local side of things for the upcoming AlterConf that’s coming to Cape Town on August 27th: a travelling conference series about diversity and inclusivity in tech and gaming. I’ve been helping to pull together the selection committee for the talks, finding freelancers to sketch note and take photos, and pinging lots of people who I think could contribute something interesting and amazing to the conversation.

To Do

The rest of April is a little more quiet. I’m giving a talk about Progressive Enhancement to the Meteor JS meetup group on Wednesday the 20th, then running a “regular” RailsBridge on the Saturday 23rd.

Phew! I think I need a holiday. :)