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Cape Town Front-end developers Code of Conduct

From our next meetup onwards, all of our CTFEDs events will have a footer added, telling people that (TL;DR) they must be cool to each other. We’ve added it to our template that we use for our events.

Attendees must read and follow our Code of Conduct. Thanks! :)

We’ve had a Code Of Conduct for a while, and the organising team has tried to mindful of it before that. Finally getting around to publishing our site (via GitHub Pages) and the current buzz around the topic gave us the push we need to be more open and obvious about it.

The tech industry (and the world general) can be a pretty messed up place. We are committed to making our meetups and workshops friendly, safe, and inclusive spaces. Like Sparkbox’s recent, brave, post we realise that we have a lot of work to do, and we are trying hard to make our events better for everyone. We’ll be (re)reading awesome resources like Ashe Dryden’s Codes of Conduct 101 + FAQ, and blog posts like Lessons from a Code of Conduct and Talking & Listening about Conduct to find ways of doing so. We hope that you will hold us accountable, and help us get better. :)