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Busy, busy, busy!

The past few months have been a little bit busy. Lots of exciting things have been happening, and work has been interesting, but that hasn’t left a lot of time for reading or writing.

Cape Town Front-end developers

At the start of July the CTFEDs meetup group had a great talk from Deb Butler of the Startum Project: “I Know More Than You” - Said Every Client Ever. It was a frank and open talk about the trials and tribulations of being a freelancer in the web development business, and I really enjoyed it.

We also finally got around to starting our website: Yes, it is more than a little ironic that people who make websites have taken ages to make a website for themselves :). Behind the scenes the site is hosted on GitHub Pages, and is powered by Jekyll. You can view the source code for the site on our GitHub repository.

Our next event is a little different: we’re running a workshop as part of the Open Design festival. The festival’s theme is Design is for Tomorrow, so we’re inviting people to come and get help making their sites more Future Friendly. Join us!


At the end of July I was scheduled to give a talk about the hamburger icon, but due to a scheduling snafu at the venue it had to be postponed. It seems like it might be the end of this month instead: I am ready to rant!

At the start of August, I gave a short talk at Friends of Design about #fedlyfe. I talked about how I got into Front-end development, what the jobs I’ve had have been like (in terms of team, roles, culture, …).


Then, just last weekend, me and a handful of fine friends ran a Railsbridge at the University Cape Town, for the Women in Computer Science group. You can read more about the event on our site.


Maybe I need a holiday! :)