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Notes from Google UX Masterclass – day two

Yesterday I attended day two of the Google UX Masterclass. Here are my notes on things that stuck out for me.

Usability Testing

  • Always over-recruit a little. 1 in 5 participants is often not quite right: they don’t match the persona you want to test.
  • Rapid Iteration Testing can be useful: tweaking the prototype a little after each test.
  • Different age groups can have very different expectations. (This seems obvious, but can be easy to forget about.)

Launch and beyond

  • “Err towards the cupcake.” Go for a smaller, simpler, thing first. (Related to Adriaan’s excellent talk from the recent UX SA conference.)
  • There was some crossover on topics between UX and Product Management, especially for Product Discovery.
  • User surveys can be useful. Provide a feedback link. Make it quick and easy for user to provide feedback, and say thank you when they do. (It’s worth bearing in mind what Phil Barrett from Flow said in his keynote at the UX SA conference, though. You’ll probably only get feedback at the far ends of the spectrum: very engaged users who are either very happy or very angry.)

To Do

From day one:

  • Update our existing Personas (and Customer Journey Map). Print them out nice and big and stick them up on the wall.
  • Set up regular, small, usability tests. (Although this is in my To Do list already)

From day two:

  • Review the first touch experience and make notes on where it can be improved, especially the registration bit.
  • Start tracking stats on usage: see what bits of the app people are using, and what bits they’re not.
  • Review the text of the app, especially CTAs and section names.