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What I've been up to

The last few months have been quite busy: I seem to keep picking up extra-curricular activities. My personal and professional interests tend to blend together a bit.

At the end of July, after many weeks of planning and preparation, myself and a fine team of teachers and organisers ran our first RailsBridge Cape TownRead details of the workshop, or read our review of how it went. Short version of the review: really well!

The Device Lab is still going strong. I've updated the device list recently to include an Apple iPhone 5, a ZTE X990, and a Nintendo 3DS XL. I hope to soon add a Windows phone. Some of the attendees of the lab have also been kind enough to add comments on the listing on Open Device

Last month I signed myself up for another year on the SPIN Steering Committee. I've helped knock the web site into shape a little, refreshed the logo, and tried to help bring a more diverse range of topics and speakers to the meetings.