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Links for week 11

I've been reading a lot this week (as usual). Below is a selection of the more interesting links I found during the week. Most of these appear on my public Pinboard stream, and get pushed to my twitter account using the magnificent If This Then That.

Presentations: Web Typography You Should Do Now by Richard Rutter; Beyond Mobile by Josh Clark (direct link, PDF, 11.2MB); CSS - OOCSS, SMACSS & more... by Russ Weakley of Max Design.

Some articles that were particularly pertinent to my personal situation this week were bashing vs disagreement by Jason Friend of 37signals, and Using Internal Email to Foster Employee Relationships on the Litmus blog.

Something that I'd like to dig into next week is Sails: an MVC framework for Node.js, with lots of Rails-like bit.

How to lose weight (in the browser) has been doing the rounds, and is a cute take on improving Front End performance, with lots of useful code snippets.

My slightly ridiculous social schedule and jumping on to committees approach to life saw me help organise and attend a talk by friend and colleague Rich Archer entitled Creating maintainable CSS. The talk was part of the Cape Town Front End Developers group: you can read more about the talk and CTFEDs in my post on the Unboxed blog. There were a couple of interesting speaking / presentation links that came up during the week: Seize the Room; Speak and be seen.

Taking a step back from specific tech, I was very happy to see We’re not ‘appy. Not ‘appy at all. on Goverment Digital Service. The gist of it is "Web first, native if necessary," and it something I'm a strong believer in.

Not so work related, but important: Really Open. Although it's not a perfect site (for example, there are only binary gender choices), is challenges people about discrimination based on identity and orientation.