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What I've been up to

My work life has really kicked off lately. I'm getting involved in doing more things and I'm feeling very happy about it all. The only downside is the physical tiredness I'm feeling from having a "9 to 5" office job: spending all day in an office, mostly learning new stuff is apparently really hard work!

  • The Nomad Device Lab is up and running at full speed, with weekly sessions, listed on At this week's session, I took the time to set up a short URL: This uses Viljami Salminen's Remote Preview (v0.35) to easily push the same site to all the devices in the lab. I can set an URL in a text file and that automatically pushes it to all any device connected to
  • I've been getting more deeply involved with SPIN and helping organise some great speakers for next year. I fell into being the facilitator for this year's SPINJam (Photos from the event) as the planned facilitator was away ill. I found it surprisingly fun: standing up and being social in front of a crowd is apparently something I enjoy and do reasonably well. This is news to me, but something my friends tell me is not news to them!
  • I like reading about the web, tech, and web-related things, and I've been sharing some of the juiciest links with the newsletter author of the week on the Unboxed blog. Check out this week's and last week's for some techy links, including a decent sized wodge from me.