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Gainful employment

The past few months have been quite busy. I finally got Nomad Device Lab up and running. I joined the steering committee for SPIN. And as of 1st November, I said goodbye to being a freelancer and took a full time job as a Front End Web Developer at the Cape Town office of Unboxed Consulting, out in Constantia.

Over the next few months, I'll slowly morph this site into more of a personal blog about web and tech, and remove or hide away some of the business bits like the Portfolio, since they're not applicable now. I've also learned a few new tricks and I'm keen to try them out on a site redesign.

I thought long and hard about accepting the job offer. I've certainly enjoyed working for myself for the past few years, and I've been involved with lots of interesting projects. Recently, though, I had begun to feel a little limited by working on my own. A lot of the cool tech and toys that I wanted to experiment with weren't a good fit for the kind of projects I was working on: they were more suited to larger scale projects that needed a team rather than a one man shop. The large variability in income stream was also getting to me. My average income was good, but the peaks and troughs were big.

So far I'm really enjoying the new job, and the change from working from home for myself. The people are great, the office is great, and I feel like I'm a good fit there. Wish me luck!