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Updated checklist

The Nomad Device Lab sessions continue to roll along nicely, and word seems to be getting around. I even gave a 3 minute elevator pitch for the lab at WordCamp Cape Town two weeks ago. There were a little over 300 people there, so it was quite an experience!

One of the things that's been great for the lab sessions has been sharing of information and helping each other out. A big thanks to Shaun of Tactile for sitting down and running through the checklist with me. I've updated it based on our discussion, tweaked the print styles, and added a tiny bit of JavaScript to show and hide check boxes and cross-out checked items.

I want to try and automate the checks in the list that can be, and after a bit of research and discussion with some clever people, I think I'll be setting up something using Selenium. This seems to be the best bet for doing something cross-platform.

I'm still looking for a good solution for a bug list, though. There is a lot of good bug tracker and project management software out there, but they tend to be too complex or too pricey to use for the lab. Current thinking is that perhaps a wiki would be best.

If you have a strong opinion about any of this, or recommendations, please let me know!