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Future Friendly

The current landscape of web-connected devices is amazing and incredible. As a developer, it's also quite a challenge. I want to provide the best experience that I can to every visitor of sites that I work on. Given the range of ways of accessing the web, that's no easy feat.

A visitor might be accessing it on an old Nokia phone over a slow connection, or lying on the couch with a tablet using a 3G network, or at their desk with a large monitor and a very fast connection. This might even be the same person at different times during the day. And that's only a snapshot of what things are like today.

I'm trying to work towards a Future Friendly web and help others to do the same. One of the actions that the ffly folk promote is spreading the word. I've put together a brief, slightly localised, remix of at to show my support.

Are you feeling Future Friendly?