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Radios with sentence style contents and form controls in them

What it sounds like

Recurring options group, Repeat frequency, radio button, not checked. [tab] Recurring options group, Number, 1, combo box.

The radios are choices in a group so (they share a name attribute and) we wrap them all in one fieldset. Since we’re using a fieldset we add a legend, but visually hide it. The contents of each radio is too complex to be a label so we use aria-label instead. In this example we don’t want to show labels for the selects, so we use aria-label there too (a visually hidden label would also work). Some non-relevant attributes in the code are omitted for brevity.

What it looks like

Recurring options every
  <legend class="visuallyhidden">Recurring options</legend>

  <input aria-label="Repeat frequency" type="radio" name="recurring-options" />


  <select aria-label="Number">

  <select aria-label="Unit">

  <br />

  <input aria-label="Repeat weekday" type="radio" name="recurring-options" />


  <select aria-label="Weekday">