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I've always enjoyed scribbling things. After seeing other people taking visual notes at conferences and of books and things, I decided to try my hand at it. I grabbed (and raced through) The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde and started doing sketchnotes at meetups and conferences. Here are some examples of my scribbles.

Scrum Gathering South Africa 2017

I did sketchnotes of some of the talks I attended. The conference had several tracks, and I picked talks and workshops that were more human-centered, about psychology and behaviour change.

WordCamp Cape Town conference, 26 & 27 October 2017

I did some sketchnotes of some of the talks, and ran a workshop on Inclusive Design with Nicola du Toit.

Cape Town Product Meetup, May 2017

How to make your team five times more productive

UX South Africa 2016

Make design critique part of your process: workshop


Scrum Gathering

3 and 4 November 2016



Pixel Up! conference

12, 13, and 14 September, 2016

I was official sketchnote artist and took visual notes at every session.

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WordCamp Cape Town conference

8 and 9 September, 2016

I took notes of a handful of the talks (and ran a workshop on Front-end Performance).

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A Web for Everyone (Designing Accessible User Experiences) book

I read and thoroughly enjoyed this book. As I was reading, I took some sketchnotes. I've used some of the ideas in the book to co-create and co-run a series of workshops on accessibility and inclusive design: here are the materials from the latest version (we gather feedback each time and try and improve it for the next time).

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