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How I can help

Becoming an excellent user-centered team doesn’t happen overnight. Old habits die hard and figuring out what users need (rather than what they say they want) is tricky. I help teams find and make the small changes that will make a big, lasting, impact to help them in their journey. Things I do:

  • run short, focused, workshops on areas of FED or UX;
  • work directly with teams on a project;
  • make first version of UX deliverables with teams (like Personas and Journey Maps);
  • help make a clear business case for spending more time on the front-end and user experience.

point-and-explain I also help teams set themselves up for making continuous improvements in future by picking up bits of work that they don’t have capacity for, then walking them through what I did, how I did it, and why I made the choices I did. I help back-end developers learn more about the front-end, help front-end developers learn more about UX, and help both to write better, faster, more widely supported code.

Technical stuff

I work on the front-end of projects across various tech stacks (Rails, Django, .NET MVC, Ember, WordPress) building templates and front-end Style Guides. I set up and uses task runners like Gulp and Grunt, and use pre-processors like Sass and Less to make CSS a bit friendlier to use. I make UX deliverables like Personas and Journey Maps, conduct usability reviews, and run usability tests.